Real Estate Law in USA

Real Estate Law in USA

The Real Estate Law in the USA in the USA has some very specific peculiarities that can put Italian buyers in great difficulty. Buying a property for those who do not know the law of the United States can turn into a rather singular event. Those who buy a property without having consulted first with lawyers specializing in Immigration Law, cannot explain how it is in fact possible to be the owner of a house in the United States and not be able to live there for more than 3 months, ie for the duration of the travel visa.

Because of the complexities of the American real estate market, it is important to use the support of an International Law Firm with experience in real estate, which can properly assist the buyer, right from the first negotiations. In the United States it is, in fact, the task of the lawyer (unlike in Italy where everything is done by the Notary) to help the buyer to confront sellers who are sometimes quite aggressive and by the real estate agent who represents the seller.

TLRT, The Real Estate Law for Italians

The Department of Real Estate Law in USA of Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile & Toniutti LLP has extensive experience in the real estate field that goes from the needs of designers, landowners and credit institutions both in the United States and in Italy. We are regularly involved in real estate acquisitions and sales, project development, leasing and commercial loans. Our team of lawyers dedicated to the real estate sector prepares sophisticated financing documents, contracts for contractors and architects and other documentation related to real estate development. Furthermore, we are able to represent our clients in real estate disputes, such as matters relating to the possession of procurement contracts, construction disputes, mechanical rights and environmental disputes, including claims against contamination of the groundwater, damage and violation actions and claims against environmental professionals.

Our Real Estate Law department in the USA represents land owners and tenants in various types of commercial real estate leasing operations, such as writing offs and negotiations, including commercial leases for offices, industrials, retail, shopping centers and others commercial properties as well as in rental disputes.

With our lawyers in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Rome, Tosolini's Italian-American lawyers, Lamura Rasile & Toniutti LLP understand the legal issues pertaining to the real estate market at 360 degrees and are ready to advise and help customers for all their real estate related needs.