Gianni Toniutti, Esq.

Gianni Toniutti

The Lawyer Gianni Toniutti is a member of the Firm and the head of the Immigration Department. The Lawyer. Toniutti, an expert on American immigration law, mainly deals with cases concerning transfers of companies, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors. The Lawyer. Toniutti is also specialized in immigration cases involving individuals with "extraordinary talents", such as musicians, actors, athletes and other foreigners with extraordinary abilities who come, temporarily or permanently, to work in the United States. The Lawyer. Toniutti has been admitted to the State of New York since 2005. He obtained his degree at the University of Bologna, Italy, specializing in International Law in 2002 and obtained an LL.M. in Comparative Law at the University of Miami, Florida in 2004. Avv. Toniutti also obtained a Certificate in Immigration Law and American Nationality from Florida International University in 2007. Avv. Toniutti is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and has an in-depth knowledge of European business and Latin countries.

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